Feedback On My First Blender-Posed GFX!

Hey Devforumers!

This is my first GFX, what could I improve?

How good is it?

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Hey, for some reason I cannot vote in the poll?

That’s weird, I allowed all teams to vote on it.

I reset the poll and made a new one.

You should improve more lighting


I used a 1K HDRI, should I use a different one?

Maybe rotate the rig so that they face the light, and adjust the pose so that it’s from waist up.

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Oh, so there’s a light source? I didn’t realize that :joy:

Yeah, lmao.

When I first started GFX, all my art looked like this. Then my friend showed me that I can rotate the rig to make them face light.

If you switch the render mode thing from “material” to “rendered”, it’s really easy to see where the light is coming from.

(Sorry, do not know specific term names as I do not do GFX anymore.)


One thing you might consider is trying to increase the lighting not only shining one way but in the front to cast a more realistic appearance you could even add some lighting in the corner to reflect different areas. It’s somewhat odd a bit in my opinion since this is your first graphic design, try tweaking the lighting a little bit as it seems a little off.

Perhaps make more light shine on the sides of the character and front view point so it doesn’t appear bland and plain, you might consider throwing some effects or overall additional ideas you could throw your own little ideas in the background to make it interesting.

Otherwise I recommend learning how to improve your lighting through a few beginner resources; however at the start it’s a decent approach but there is still space for improvements.

Since nobody really mentioned this, I think you could fix the engraved looking pockets on the shirt. The background seems really plain towards the gfx. The legs look a bit crooked and off. There is also a light source there.

Just got a quick question where did you get that background from? Anyhow, looks good keep up the good work.

I made the background, glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Quick History: Before I got Blender I decided to work on my graphic art, and now that I do both, I can make GFXs.

Use 4K in world settings for blender also make the lighting lighter

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