Feedback on my first build of a hotel

Hello, here is the first Hotel i’ve build give me some feedback about it so I know what I can improve.

  • Screenshots :

Here is the Hotel Group (the game has not been released yet) : Shams Studios | Group - Roblox

Thank’s you :+1:



I really like your build! I feel like there is too much white in the build, and I think you should change some of the white to grey or something. Otherwise, it’s great!


I see what you mean, why not !

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I think it looks really good! How long did it took you?

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The woodgrain on the trees are wrong. Fix it before. @WoodReviewer finds you.


Thank’s it took me almost 1 week

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sry but what are you talking about ?

the build looks pretty great, but maybe add a BIT more color to your build

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It’s actually good! I like how realistic the wooden floor is and I like how it’s furnished were as well, directions obviously were made XD

In all, I give it 10/10

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The direction of the lines of the wood is wood grain. Fix it before @WoodReviewer comes to your house.

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That’s not bad at all, the Cafe signs are my favorite though…
And you forgot to Activate windows btw :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi, looks very good from what I can see, congratulations. A good day . :wink:

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Yes it’s looking bad with this big message in front of the screen lol

I would add an accent color to compliment the white, like blue or even pink. However the overall build looks great!

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