Feedback on my first build!

Hello, I just started using Roblox Studio a couple hours of ago and I have created a scene within Roblox Studio. It is supposed to be a Coffee Shop. One of my favorite places to be! I would like feedback on how I can improve this scene.


Picture of the building:

Feedback and Criticism will be appreciated. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day/night!


Wow! That’s very good!, and this is your first time getting into modeling?
If you’d like to improve on the build, It depends, if you’re going for a ‘Old Realistic’ feel I’d say you’re going in the right direction with the look and build of it. Looking at the coffee shop itself, I would recommend maybe putting lighting or some kind of ambient lighting?
Besides that I think it looks great as it is, I can’t really think of great advice to give you to improve this but I think your doing an excellent job for your first build! :+1:

JEEZ, that’s great for a first build!

Use rope lights as the person above said, but otherwise this is looking great!

Damn thats really really really good for a first build. My first build was a microwave i think and it looked so bad. But wow this is great! I would maybe add some greenery at the top since the bottom is overloaded with greenery.

If you count Planet Coaster, I’ve done level design previously. I like the concept of putting lights to the structure, perhaps for nighttime use. But what exactly do you mean when you say “ambient lighting”? Are you referring to the lighting options under the Explore tab? Anyway, thank you for your feedback!

Thank you. I was just curious, is there a method on creating rope lights? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

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