Feedback on my First Cartoony UI

I decided to mess around with the new Roblox beta feature, UI Corner. I made a cute little simulator shop UI, what do you think!?

This is my first ever low poly UI. I used a free texture from toolbox to get that swirl look. Thanks for the feedback in advance!


I love it! The swirl background looks very cute in my opinion.


It looks decent for your first UI. I don’t really have any feedbacks but if you are interested in knowing more interesting stuff then I’d recommend you to check out this guide.


I like your Design . The background is made perfectly! Good Job !

It is a pity that UI Corner is a Beta function and it only works in the Studio : (


First attempt it’s decent. I would however include items inside the UI so it doesn’t appear bland and basic – not sure if this was already planned out. Since you’re asking for feedback, I find the swirl background kind of appearing in the green color i’m sure it won’t be noticeable if you include items or things to buy just to see how’ll it fit the theme your going for or look.

I recommend adding an exit button so that people can leave the UI itself. If the UI is going to be left like this i would try to at least include different objects inside it just in case you use this later down the line or wanting to improve it more further, consider placing - adding prices or names.

Whatever suits your liking for example (Item name, purchase button) to show some sort of design and see how it looks. Overall, it’s bad i’m sure simulators color scheme strives for more colorful and not dull colors.

Here is an image about the shop and placements inside the UI just to give you a good overall understanding

I just wanted to do a frame to see how it looks, I wasn’t really going for a full-on UI menu or anything. I sadly am not too skilled in Photoshop, so I can’t really do that style of UI in the picture you sent.

Yes and that’s fine. I never suggested going for a full design. I’m not talking about going for that style nor following the image I attached above, I was suggesting if you’re wanting to add those objects to see how it looks within the UI or if you ever come back in the future to improve it more further.

Also, you don’t need to be skilled to add different placements nor do you need photoshop to complete that there are a lot of free programs out there such as (,,) and others that will help you being skilled or experience isn’t required it just takes practice and patience. Consider to re-read my reply again.

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If I offended, I didn’t mean too. Sorry.

Don’t be sorry. Wanting to learn the process is good since your more of a beginner it’s good to gather information to take later down the line or use in case your trying to get into that type of role or wanting to become a UI designer.

Then from there, all you’d need to do is use programs to add different placements whatever suits your liking, it’s really up to you. Your UI is good at the start the information said above could be taken or not or could be used in the future when updating or improving it.

Don’t just go by what I say if you’re interested in UI designing it’s good to gather your own information to help you along the process.

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