Feedback on my first created game!

Good start.

I’d recommend:

  • Adding music to the game
  • Adding more gamepasses, such as vip
  • Make a map changer so people can vote for which map and the one with the most votes will be the map for a certain amount of time.

My rating for this game is a 6.8/10.

If you work really hard on the game, it may be on the front page!

Thanks! That really helpsme understand! Unlike the other people.

Thank you very much

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Western you say eh?
I might make a western map!


Okay here is my feedback:
Sorry for criticism but it is required…

  1. Very big map.
  2. So poorly detailed map. I mean not at all.
  3. As everyone said free models.
  4. No Ui or music for user experience.

what do I recommend?

I recommend you not focus on making game but either learn.

hmm maybe make a fps frame work .I bet it will look bettter and yeah the guns are free models umm so maybe make your own gun??

As the others have mentioned already, the gun system is a HUGE free model. The map looks a little bland, but since you already gave context that it is your first game, not bad!

For the map, I suggest adding props that players can jump around, for example homes, buses and streets, sort of like an arsenal vibe.

I can definitely see potential. Keep up the great work!

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  • I like the idea of where you can go in and battle, that’s pretty cool

  • I really think the lighting and reflection in the game is very nice props to whoever did that!


  • The name itself is unoriginal, I suggest too come with a new name

  • There really isn’t a point to the game, that doesn’t attract players, Add some kind of currency system or round system because at the moment the game isn’t fun to play at all

  • There Map is too big and bland, there is no color or anything, these are the things that don’t keep players in for long

  • There aren’t any GUI’s or music

  • The Guns are free models, I suggest either make your own, or find someone doing commision to help out, even if you want to use them, give some compensation and credit the creator of the free model.

With all due respect, this game feels very rushed in an attempt to get your first game out there. We all make this mistake in our first game so don’t feel bad :). Don’t rush to get your game out there, take your time so it can be the best it can be! With a little work this game can reach some good potential and since it’s only your first game you did well on it! This game can do well with some fixes. I wish you all the best of luck on your journey with your game!

Side note: Names are not protected by copyright law.