Feedback on my First Ever 3D Model

Hey developers!! Today I’m fairly excited cause I made a really horrible gun in blender! Though, it’s pretty bad, and not to a professional or even intermediate level, I made it, and I’m beyond happy! I encourage you to please give me critical feedback and things i could improve on, as it’s much appreciated! This is the First ever model I’ve ever made, and from the not even beginner level stand point, I find it pretty darn cool! Thank you, have an amazing day! :smiley:

My Gun:


Looking good for a first 3d model. However heres a few tips:

  1. Make sure you have a reference image
  2. Make sure the thickness is different for the gun
  3. Make the trigger more smaller and curved
  4. Add more detail, detail always makes your gun look better!
  5. Start of with something more basic, like a tree.

Hope this helps! Good luck with 3d modelling!


Hey Waylxn!

It’s definitely something! It’s a start!

If you put time into learning blender a bit more you’re going to create great things, not a bad start at all however.


  • I highly highly recommend binging Grant Abbit’s luxurious voice as he guides you through the basics of modeling.


Practice Playlist:

  • Then when you’re getting a tad more comfortable with the UI finish your beginneer’s journey by completing the initiation! Blender Guru’s donut and coffee models, his video covers absolutely everything you’ll need to be an intermediate modeler.


Now this all take time, digest it over a couple days and don’t overwhelm yourself. Blender takes time to learn, just be adamant.

Goodluck and double goodluck! (Very excited to see what you post next) c:

Thank you!! I’ll definitely use these suggestions to my advantage!

Thank you for your kind words!! I’ll absolutely watch those videos, thank you so much for the suggestions!


Looking nice for a first! I have some constructive criticism:

  • The gun shouldn’t be that curved at the part where the handle and the slide reach.

  • like @EggYolked said, have reference image. I have found one that my help you. Look at it here.

  • For your handle, I think you should make it more detailed, Add a polymer frame to the handle/grip. You may not know a lot about guns so here is what it looks like:

Overall, your first blender model is very nice! I haven’t crated my first, and I’ll think you will still beat me!

Good job on your first 3D model! Here are some of my thoughts to make your model even better:

  • Add depth— as I’m assuming you’re using blender, something you could do is click on the faces of both sides. Press the letter “I” and move your mouse to the depth you want it to be. Then I’m assuming you have both of those inner faces selected so press the letter “S” then the letter “Z” and scroll (with one finger) until you have the depth you want going both ways will cause it to either go in or out.

  • Use the key “Control + R” to add lines and pretty much make more faces. The more you scroll the more lines you will have. If you have too many, you can scroll the other way to bring them down. Doing this can help you add more details to the model.

  • Render it + add lighting. A simple, beginner way to render something is doing the key “Shift + Z” this will do an auto render and the more complicated of a build you have the longer it takes. To get out of this mode use the key “Shift + Z” again. Within the skybox there should be something that looks like a light. Move it around to move the light around. Press “Shift + D” to duplicated it. If you have too many you can press “X” and it’ll give you the option to delete

  • Make the front of the gun have a larger square to make it more realistic. Another thing you could do delete the square then select the face you have it should just be a normal face with no holes. If it does have a hole select all the verts (the little tiny dots surrounding the home) and press “F” then select all of the faces on the front and press “F” again and you will have a full face. Then what you can do is press “E” to extrude. Then press “S” right after that and scale it down to a reasonable area to add a hole where realistically a bullet would come out.

Please tell me if you need more help or have any other questions! Good luck and amazing job!

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It’s pretty nice for a first ever 3D Model, Keep going.
You can ask tips for builders that are used to build in Blender It could help

This is good to be your first ever 3D model i would watch blender videos that is how i learned to make these 3D models. Then you should make the same one the person did on (YT) and that is how you can get better at it. Keep pushing!!

Looks pretty good for a first model although hopefully this tip will help:

Hope you have a great day and good luck in your future builds!

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Its a really good start. My suggestion is making the model a bit less 2D. Add more of a 3D aspect on the sides with 3D detail.

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Good start! One thing to note though is that you made it sideways. This isn’t really an issue, but might make it a bit awkward configuring it once you import it into a game. (But you might be able to adjust this within the Export settings too)

Thank you everyone! All of your suggestions truly help alot. :slight_smile: