Feedback on my first ever icon

Looking for general feedback on my first text icon. It’s for a FPS game. I was gonna add some bullets to it but I wasn’t sure where to place them. Mainly looking for feedback on adjustments or additions to the icon!

This is what it looks like on a thumbnail I made:

Sorry for the heavy watermarks, I just don’t want anything to be stolen as it’s happened in the past.

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I think that it looks very good for your first icon ever. I know you don’t want people stealing it but that might be too many watermarks :laughing: it kind of takes away from the art a bit, but it still looks very good for your first one. I like the simple kind of theme and I don’t really know what else you could add to it besides maybe changing the colour a bit and adding some effects or something.
Overall great job :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I wouldn’t add the watermarks to the actual game. :joy:

I also quoted this at the bottom:

yes I saw it just seemed like a lot of watermarks :laughing:

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Hello! Your icons look very good for your first time! The font fits the scenes very well, and the scenery is also very good! Good work on the icons! :rocket::smile:

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A really amazing job with the icon! It’s really well made, maybe try to put a bullet inside one of the letters to make it stand out a bit.

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