Feedback on my first few group logos?

Hey! I just started making group logos today and I made these two:

Group Logos

I really enjoy making these and I wonder if anyone has any criticism and if I should open commisions. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I think they both look good but the first one seems to pop more cause it has that black out-line unlike the second one where itโ€™s noticeable but the skin sort of blends in with the background. But thatโ€™s just my option and overall I think they look good.

Do you think I should open commissions??

I think you should cause you have the talent and you might as well turn that talent into money. (Or robux)

Thanks! That really inspired me.

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I like the first one better because the black outline makes the picture pop out more. But both of them look really good.

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What software did you make these on?

I used Pixlr and flaticon for the images.

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Pretty cool group logos! Although I would try to add a dark border around the text to make it more readable. The striped background makes it hard to read. But, besides that. I think this is good to go!

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