Feedback on my first game "Cafe Simulator"

Hello! :wave:

I’m currently creating my first Roblox game that I named “Cafe Simulator”!
I would like to know what you are thinking about what has been created at the moment.

If you would like to try it out, click here.

Tell me if you find glitches or if you have suggestions! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Music is a bit annoying and it doesn’t fit the game.

Also, I never get the order from the customer.

This game needs to be more polished and fixed. UI Didn’t scale well eathier.



Stuck in an infinite loading screen currently

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Weird. Did the customers order showed up on the black board in the kitchen?

For the UI, I’l fix it… That the beggining…
Edit : UIs fixed.

Thanks for the feedback. I’l try to fix problem asap.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I have looked in the problem and it should be fixed. Thanks you for reporting it :slight_smile:

I tried the game just now and the error still occurs:

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Thank you for the report. I have removed this line from the script. You should be able to play. Sorry about this issue!

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Filling a cup with anything other than water or milk doesn’t seem to work

It’s normal. It dosen’t work like that. You have to put milk first
Check on the kitchen guide :slight_smile:

But yes, i’l try to put this more easy…

Looking fine as heck :rofl:
Should remove the intro page, the icon isn’t well made and it bugs the actual UI page

Hey there! I have a few suggestions that I think should help you out. Sorry if I am a little bit specific, I don’t have any bad intentions.

For one, the spawn location decal should be removed as it would make the spawn completely transparent.

Another thing is I found a few minor spelling errors. They aren’t that serious. Comming is an obsolete spelling of Coming according to multiple sources, and Coming is the correct way of spelling it.

Development is also spelt wrong in this picture. Overall, this is a really cool game and I cannot wait to see how far this game grows. I hope this helps with your development :slight_smile:

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Hello! Thanks you for the feedback! About the word bad writed, i’m sorry. I’m French and sometime I do some error while writing :rofl: Thanks you for correcting them!

Also, I fixed the spawn location.
Thank you for the feedback!

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I think this is really good for a first game, and that it has potential. There are a few issues, but it seems like you are working on them. Focus on polishing and updating it and I am sure it’s gonna be an amazing game!

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The Logo itself looks like something made in MS Paint by a 5 Year old. It would generally look better if you just typed it out in the Roblox UI Editor. Also when I gave the customer there order I did not receive any money. The builds do not fit this game at all they feel like builds that would have been used 6 - 7 years ago. Also no offense for the things I said I was just giving my opinion.

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Hello! About the money, it works by paycheck. When you serve them, you earn some money, but you get it only after 2 minutes.
Thanks for testing!