Feedback on my first game; 'Castle Wars'

Hey all,
for the past few months, me and my friend have been working on our first-ever Roblox game. After a lot of work, we were finally able to release it yesterday. We even bought 1k Roblox a day of sponsor ads for 10 days. I am looking for some feedback on the game; does it have potential, is it fun, what to improve, is it well made, or what you didn’t like about it as a first-time player


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I’m gonna be honest with u, this game looks like a cashgrab. My first look on the game was all the gamepasses. If you wanna get more players you should improve the ui and make it so its not everywhere you step a gamepass get prompted. Also why is there a jetpack if its a medieval game?


Honestly, the thumbnail looks eye-grabbing, but it doesn’t feel like the game. The game itself looks very different than it appears to be on the thumbnail. Like Dragon said above, the game does look like a cashgrab, because there are so many game passes that are unrelated to a Castle theme.

The game passes just seem too over price as well. Not really anyone would want to buy a “Sus Among Us” Trail for 169 Robux when it should really just be in-game cash for a better game experience. Especially faster walk speed, it’s just way too overpriced just to have 32 amount of walk speed. In my opinion, it should just be 30 robux.

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Okay, we had no idea what the pricing will feel like, we released just yesterday but I see many people complain a lot about the cash-grab, so we will definitely try to balance things out asap. Replying to @groenedraak10, although the jetpacks may not suit the game a lot, they provide a fun and good way to get through other’s castles :slight_smile:

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Looks like a p2w feature then, or is it not meant that way?

There are 3 jetpacks as of now, where 1 is for in-game currency and 2 for Robux. Though we are working hard to roll out the rebirth update with more in-game-currency items to balance of p2w

Ok, I know how it’s like to wait a day for feedback just to get negative feedback, so I’ll try to keep this as positive as possible. The trails are very unnecessary. from what I’ve seen, it seems like a cashgrab and made from free asset packs. NGL the music is a banger, did you make it? Also, why the hell is there a Jetpack? Work hard and dont give up!

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