Feedback on my first game


Its my first game I ever made. I tried to detail it as much as I can. :smiley:

Adnotacja 2020-03-29 213319

It may look average but I tried very hard to make it look nice.

I’d be very happy if someone rated it !

Thanks ! :smiley:


Well, all I can really say is it’s fantastic! It has great detail to the food. In my opinions I think you are ready to start selling your builds to other people! :slight_smile:


I think it is very good. Many deatils and looks great :+1:


I love how its pretty well detailed and how it really fits in :+1:


Thank you for your kind words, do you have something to add? e.g. what needs to be improved?

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The design is really cool! Love the small details and everything. Here are some thing you can improve on-

  • Adding drinks onto the table and like a vase.

  • Adding candles in the room and maybe on the table.

  • Adding Chinese lamps like on the ceiling (don’t now is this Chinese but I think it would look cool) The room looks a bit empty so try to be creative and adding maybe pictures or patterns around the room.

  • Adding little more food.

Hope this helped, thanks Bart.

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Hi Developer,

For the first game ever, that’s amazing, I would put maybe a candle in the middle so it looks fancy.

I’m unsure what these red dots are;

I’d add more detail on the wall because it’s blank, I would add then brown stripes on them, apart from that amazing.



Wrong person sorry, I meant to reply to the original creator.

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All that I can say is that it’s absolutely amazing! The attention to detail is really impressive. This is WAYY above average. Keep up the amazing work! :smiley:

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These dots are meant to be decoration.
It was modeled on a photo of a traditional Japanese floor. I dunnu if its a good idea but I want to make a special stove to boil tea. And a teapod ofc. Thanks for idea :smiley:

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Thanks ! :smiley: I am glad you like it

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This looks very well made, good job! :+1:

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I really like the food models.
I want to know on how long this has taken you.

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You beat me to candles. Thats a great instruction.

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building and desinging models took me about 6 hours