Feedback on My First Game

I am working on my first ever public Roblox game that has gotten visits: Explore And Craft. The idea of the game is you explore the map, gather resources, craft tools, and can fight other players and mobs.

What do you think of the game and what should I improve? I’m new, so nothing too complicated.

I really want to add more features so players will play for longer and also come back, but I am unsure what to do next.

My game:


My suggestion is to add daily rewards. This will encourage people to join your game every day because they know they will get daily rewards.

Good idea! I’m not sure how yet, but I can look into that! Thank you!

Really sorry that I couldn’t play the game; it’s not compatible on mobile…
However, I hate to say this but I think the name of your game seems a little boring and/or bland. I would suggest changing your name, if you want to something more unique, like one or two words. (Not a common word that lots of people use, though) That would also attract more players. A really common example is “Minecraft” (don’t use the name it’s just an example). Minecraft could have named their game “Mine and Craft” but instead they chose a unique and catchy word.
I also like how you listed your game’s features and what you can do in it in the thumbnails.

Again sorry I couldn’t play your game☹️

Thank you for your suggestion, but I’m not sure if I’m going to change my name because people who’ve played before might think it’s a different game…

The reason it’s currently not compatible with mobile/tablet is that sprinting requires the Shift key… otherwise I would definitely make it playable for mobile & tablet users. Sorry!

If you didn’t know, players can click on your profile and see past usernames so they will know that you made the game and its not different.

I meant changing the game’s name as megmavens5 suggested, not my own username. People would see the game in their history and might get confused, or search the website for the original name and not find it.

Two reasons I probably won’t change the game’s name:

  • Once, I played a game, and the next day, I see in my history a game I thought that I never played (because the game’s name had changed). I was very confused about what happened.
  • I also like my game’s name. It’s describes the game and what you do.

How about you combine Exploration and Craft and you can get ExplorationCraft. There isn’t a roblox game called ExploartionCraft