Feedback on my first GFX

First try at GFX! Took around 1hour :grimacing:

Hire me here: P4A | Graphic Designer


The GFX overall is great is that I think the font should be changed to be more of a BOLD font, Overall Great Job For Your First. :+1:

Tip: Use cycles if your using blender note its going to get noisy but its sampling the image you can turn viewport to 6 and render to 300 use the denoise node to denoise the image. Video: How to DENOISE Your Images in Blender 2.80 - Beginner Tutorial - YouTube .

Another Tip: Use a HDRI, Videos: , Blender 2.8 How to setup an hdri environment background - YouTube .

Thanks again, I used cycles with 250 and turned on denotes for this. But I do know abt hdris. I didn’t use it since it made the gfx too blue or made it a entire other color.

I had the text font chosen based on what the person I gave this to wanted.

For being your first try at making a GFX I think it looks amazing! I was going to give you tips but I think Real0celot basically said the main things you should worry about.