Feedback on my First GFX

Hello my name is iChiiN5, And I just started making GFX and I want to get Advice and Support from you Guys!

I just started to learn About GFX for about 1 Week now, So I’m Pretty new to blender and Editing Pictures.

I wanna Hear you’re Opinions and What did i do wrong.


Oh wow, that’s amazing!! So impressive as your first GFX! I like the background, lighting and everything.

It’s so fantastic! :open_mouth:

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Amazing. The detail that was put into it is gold. The realism and the grass. Only feedback is to put something here like you did with everything else.image

As you can see the area I have highlighted has nothing on it, while everything else has something (guessing that is rain or some type of particles).


its ok.

the guy has a bump in his handScreen Shot 2021-10-09 at 12.49.24 PM

the backgorund lighting doesn’t match up his leg jut looks kind of wrong, the rain can be seen as an overlay, and your lighting doesn’t have muchdepth. your clothing choices and stuff is bruh but your posing is pretty… ok.

oop. turns out i have MORE to add!!!

your sunrays don’t really affect the environment the sun cuts through the tree the character lighting doesn’t have the particles like it shoulld have the shadows are wonky idk why the blue tiger thing is, the hood is kind of not in right place and you should have particles EVERYWHERE and also some 3d enviormental effecting particles (if u can do that in editing and make it look nice, go for it).


Just noticed it is just a render with a background. You really got me there, which comes to my next point that you actually made it fit in which is good


This isnt his first GFX?

Anyway, I feel like it looks like clay… and thats epic!


Where are you getting that it isn’t? The title clearly states, “Feedback on my First GFX


Thank you i’m really happy that people like it! i’ll continue to make more and practice even more!

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I see, i’ll keep that in mind!

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Thank you for you’re detailed advice! I appreciate this so much, This mean’s I can get more better so Thank you

The Bump on his arm is just the arm bending, I didn’t see that it was weird to look at so I’ll keep it in mind

Haha, I don’t really have anything to customize my character, so I’m trying to keep it simplistic

But this is very detailed so thank you, I’ll keep it that in mind and Continue to work even harder!

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Haha Thank you, I honestly was lost at lighting at the beginning but I managed to make this look decent so I’m kind of surprised that It turned out great.

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Hey, If it look’s epic that’s good enough for me to keep making them! :cool:

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This is your first GFX? This is impressive! I really like the lighting and the background.


Yes it is! I’m planning to make more then try to take on commission.


I LOVE IT! It is really well done from what I know (I am also pretty new, I normally just make 3d models). My only thing is to make the resolution like 4k so it can fit on a widescreen monitor comfortably. I just don’t know what you would use a square for.

Other than that I really like it! Keep up the great work!

I see, I’ll try and figure it out since I don’t have photoshop. Thank you for the feedback!