Feedback on my first GFX

I am trying to make a decent GFX and it’s my first artwork I have created. Here it is:

One issue is that since I am using artrage demo version so I cant save anything so I can’t edit it as soon as I close out of it. So now I cannot edit it that much so I am really just looking for feedback.
I hope this topic does not get buried and somebody sees it because I cannot really post it anywhere else.

The spear and background objects where made in blender. The knight I got from a free model because I cannot be bothered to make an entire armour. Ik you can’t really see the spear but I only did it because I wanted to learn how to make a GFX.


Kinda very dark increase brightness. Use blender and photopea.

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I have my brightness on my laptop all the way to full so it probably looked brighter for me. Thanks for the feedback, I will be sure the next time I make a GFX to increase the brightness.

increase brightness or add some kind of lights in the scene, the red spear personally stands out too much, better if it was a darker colour

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First off. It’s really really really really dark. So much in fact that I had to make It lighter in my editing software.

This also looks like it’s not rendered. Or its been rendered with Eveee. If you are using Blender, use cycles with denoising on.

I’m no expert but, the area is not at all detailed.

Also I feel like the text doesn’t pop off the screen.

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