Feedback on my first GFX

Hi…Well I recently got into GFX stuff and I really wanted to more stuff like it. But I was wondering if you maybe had any feedback on my GFX or give me a tips?..I would be really grateful :3



it is dark and not vivid, parts are reflecting the light but clothes arent, hair clipping into body low quality clothes


Thank you it really helps also I didnt notice that hair clipping is into body .

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Use other type of background for this.
And i can see something is dark below.
Just need to fix the hair which is clipped on the torso.
And the left arm.
Looking more forward to your works ^^.


Thank you for your feedback :3 . It really helps!


Its really cool! It is really good for a first GFX. Great job!


This GFX looks good, it’s a bit too dark though, and the character’s hair is clipping through its body. Otherwise, nice job on this GFX!


Thank you! I really apprecite that!

Thank you for your feedback! I really apprecite that

I would say mainly there are two issues that I see. Firstly everything seems a bit overly reflective which in certain areas I’d say makes it a bit of a distraction. Secondly it kind of feels like it’s meant to pop out none of the colors are vibrant enough to actually achieve such.

Overall it’s pretty good for a first attempt.

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Really nice for a first try, but I recommend not making the character glossy (reflective/shiny).

For the background I do recommend getting some kind of map in your 3d software and putting the character there other than putting a 2d background.

I also recommend using a rig if you aren’t already, Starter Rigs.

Working on posing and making it look “alive” is the most important part in my opinion.

For the lighting I think you did a nice job but it seems that you unintentionally darkened it by accident.

Most people are saying that the hair is clipping through the body, but that’s mostly fine since most Roblox characters do that.

Otherwise, amazing job!

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This needs glow and maybe fix the hair clipping but its very good for first gfx!!

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Thank you I really apprecite your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! I really apprecite that!


Thank you :3 I really apprecite your feedback!

this is really good! the face is really glossy but other then that good job!!

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Thank you! I really apprecite your feedback :3

This is great. My technique with designing GFX is give it a real feel.
this only applys to posing
What I mean is I tend to stand up and actually do the pose. (You’re gonna feel weird)
But it helps give you a feel of how its supposed to look.

Also turn down the metallics, It looks good as a creator but is a bit weird to viewers.

Great Job!

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Not a big gfx artist myself but some things that point out to me are the weird lighting streaks that go across your face and the block of light on your left hand, not sure if thats meant to be a watermark but i thought i should point that out

Theres nothing really popping out to me, for example if i was just scrolling down the front page I probably wouldnt notice this because theres a lot of dull blue, i would suggest going into a photoshop app and use a brush to increase the exposure on the parts where the light is hitting and darken the areas where light wouldnt typically hit, like under the arms.

Personal preference here but I would also suggest putting a slight blur on the sunburst background so the character sticks out a little more while turning up the saturation too

Otherwise id say this is a 7/10, nice work


Thank you for your feedback I really apprecite that! It really helps