Feedback on my first GFX!

i decided to try GFX for the first time. this is my first one!

game icon form:
have any feedback?


Looks really good for a first GFX, you could improve the lightning and maybe add a HDRI at the back. Overall, looks okay, 7.5/10, great work!

Looks amazing(30 Really good )

Great GFX. Try to improve lighting a little, maybe so the weapon is more visible too? And a HDRI background would be good too! Other than that, awesome GFX :+1:

What’s an HDRI background?


It’s pretty good, the only things I’d correct is adding to the character (hat/hair/different expression) and the hands on the gun are incorrectly placed. You should add a watermark too :smiley:

Yeah I’ll do that

I’m impressed! I’m not much of a GFX guy but i would think this would be coming from and experienced GFX producer.

Take care :+1:

HDRI background is a high quality spherical image that is applied in your rendering software that is used for reflection and lighting. It is nice to have in some cases. You can find HDRI backgrounds for free on Google.

Looks good I like the graphics on this good job keep up the good work and add a back group to it it would make it look even better

Looks good. Make the gun a bit bigger, add some lighting in the background.

Keep up with the amazing work! :tada:

This looks pretty good for your first GFX, maybe add a background to it.