Feedback On My First GFX

What do you guys think of my first GFX?


I like the shadow! The quality of it is also very great! :+1:

Looks great but the shading/lighting needs a little work

I suggest adding a second softer light on the left side so that there is a less harsh line on the shadow. Overall, great job :+1:

VERY, VERY Rusty, Im sorry but im strict when it comes to giving feedback, And these are DEFINITELY Not the best.

It is a good start, was it made on mobile?
Like the people above me said, you can adjust the lighting to make it look more natural.
I inserted a GFX I made in the past for reference.
You can spend time to adjust the angles of light so you can achieve a life-like shadow.

I really like it, the only thing I notice needs a bit of work on is the shadow. Otherwise, great job! :smiley:

The shadows on your face look like they weren’t rendered correctly. If possible, I’d raise the shadow quality.

So do you have any tips for me?

What i would say is, Download a rig, it will help a lot with posing. And use Evee Render, And with lighting in evee, Point Looks the best. And Download Lightroom, It controls light and is amazing.

Shadows are too strong, the background’s too plain, and the pose could be more realistic. I’m assuming that you used Eevee, right? Cycles would have been my preferred rendering engine. It takes longer to render, but the lighting would end up being much more realistic compared to Eevee.