Feedback on my FIRST GFX

Hiya! I am Chilled_Seal, and today, I created my first GFX!
The GFX will be shown below. This was made to test my ability, and I followed a tutorial, which will be linked. Also, I’m not sure why the texture on the antlers bugged. Sorry!

I wasn’t very bothered about the background, especially seeming that I am quite tired, but I am personally very proud of it. The tutorial I used will be linked below.

Thank you for reading this! Please leave any feedback below. :smile:


I think your GFX looks great! :slight_smile: One thing I would change would be his left arm. To me it looks like a little stub even though it’s supposed to look like he’s running. I would make his left arm in front and his right arm in the back. That would help people see the picture clearer.

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