Feedback on my first GFX

Hey everyone! I have created a GFX for our new game coming out soon, Lucid Lava! It has been 3 hours that I have been working on this, trial and error. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


This is nice for your first GFX!
I really like the color scheme of the artwork.
I have some feedback and suggestions that could help improve.

  • I suggest having your subject standing on top of something. As of now, they look like they’re floating behind the background. An alternative for this is to resize the character and move it down slightly, so it at least doesn’t seem like they are floating in mid-air.
  • The posing could be improved on, but it’s not bad at all. Depending on what program you’re using, and if you have access to rigs or bones, you should definitely try bending the limbs and creating a more complex pose. In my opinion, posing gives the artwork life and gives the subject a lot more character.

I think for your first GFX, it’s great!
Keep up the good work. :smile::+1:


Thanks for your feedback! I used roblox studio to position the character, and then I imported him to my files. I opened the file with 3d viewer to have it look like blender, and I saved it. Then I used an editing website to do everything else. I’ll be sure to add the thing he is standing on.

There seems like a bit of empty space that could be improved, I’m assuming it’s related to a sword fighting game I would include elements within the image to tell users what your game is about At the start it has small information but the background could at least include objects or detail.

Why not add more characters fighting or running think of your own ideas and incorporate them within your design. Looks good so far. I think you should try getting inspiration that is related to the type of game your trying to accomplish. It may be a good ideas to include more characters or even parts of your game within it?

Including other details well improve the design to make it stand out and look eye catching. Otherwise it’s not bad.


Yes I agree, but I think it would make the icon a bit cluttered. Thats why i’m going to be making some thumbnails with people running around with swords or something, not sure yet. I will be tweaking it a bit until i think it’s perfect. Thanks!

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As previous people have said, try and change the posing a little more. Like MayFlow said, bending the limbs would give it a more dynamic effect to it.

Maybe use some HDRI lighting as well!

I’m still new to making GFX etc, so I can’t criticise too much.

Good work! :clap:t2: