Feedback on my first GFXs

Hello everyone!
Currently, I am testing out a lot of stuff on blender and I came up to the idea to create a Roblox GFX. I have never created one before and I would love if you guys could leave some feedback below, since I want to know what you think about it, how I can improve it and if I have potential to become a professional Roblox GFX artist.


I watched tutorials to create them and the meshes were not created by me.
Thank you so much for reading!


Could have an improvement on lightning since GFX rigs and Lightning isn’t really got along.

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Hi. What I would say to you, looks not bad for the first GFX’s, really not bad. But you need to work on materials and light too. Try to make the materials of the clothing in other genres, more metallic maybe, etc, this is your life, and you create what you want, try everything, and find some good result. What about clothing, I actually like 2nd GFX because it has 3D clothing and this kind of light, which is really not bad. And for the last, try to use some photoshop (, Adobe Photoshop ) for the effects, and much more! That’s all, don’t give up, watch more Blender tutorials about the lighting and the materials with textures. Good luck!

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For the first one, you should make the limbs more bent. It honestly sort of looks like R6.

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This looks pretty good for a first gfx, but like the other replies The lighting could use some improvement. I also don’t know if it’s just me, but like the clothes and some of the graphics are 3d… An example is on the second gfx the Nike logo looks engraved. Which is pretty cool, I don’t see it being added often.

Good job!

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The rigs look somewhat good

(Things to make the render better, Jack up resolution to 4K and samples 300 make sure its render not viewport you can turn it down to 6 since its still kinda clear.)

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