Feedback on my First Graphics Artwork

Hello, I am Spo_oky

I am a 2D Artist and this is the First time I have tried to make a Complete Graphics Art including Models, Textures and Character, I would like the Roblox Artists to give me a Feedback on this Artwork, And give me options on what I should have added and what I should change.

I have used Cinema 4D To render this and Photoshop to add effects.

Thank you so much! Spo_oky.


It looks great but kind of empty maybe add a little rocks on the ground and dust in the air

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This is great, especially as it’s the first time you made a complete GFX with models and textures etc, but:

  • The guy in the blue is literally standing idle and lifeless, make him look at the other guy with his arms crossed or at ease or something. His feet aren’t colliding with the surface correctly, too.
    (there are a few collision problems with this, e.g the ladder is going through the surface)

  • As Clownzies said, add effects like dust, maybe add a sun beam effect to cover the right side of the image, which is quite plain.

Good job, though


It looks pretty good, however, the first thing I notice is the lighting:

  1. There are no shadows in it, add some shadow to make it have more depth.
  2. The lighting does not match the sun, in Cinema 4D I would suggest adding an Area Lamp or a Sun to make the lighting better. (you can also use HDRIs)
  3. The character waiting has no pose to it at all, another thing that they are wearing an Innovation Security Uniform, which does not match what is happening in the scene.
  4. Like others have said, it does look empty, add details to spice it up, such as adding some sort of tool to the character that is standing there.
  5. The latter is going through the actual rock.

Great work. and I look forward to seeing you post more often.

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Adding on top of what @tehls siad about the guy in the blue and the sun rays, I feel like it would be better if you made the mountain a bit more impressive looking (like make it look really tall that it bursts through the clouds if you know what I’m saying).

Edit You can also add some lighting effects, like bloom and/or glares. And as @j8cksxn and @tehls said, you should fill up the emptiness (maybe with trees or try animals … ?).

Other than that, great job. I can’t believe this is your first GFX, it looks really nice.


Thank you so much for your Input, To elaborate more, The NPC next to the Ladder is waiting for his Turn to climb, so I thought adding an Animation would not be required, Also this GFX was just a Scene to show the Topic of Mountaineering, And adding a Really tall Mountain for the scene is not quite necessary. Thank you so much for your Input!

Sure thing, I will try using HDRI’s and also try adding shadows.

Looks pretty good Spo_oky,but the only thing I would change is the lighting its a bit to bright.

As a first GFX, it looks very good! There are somethings you should work on though. Firstly, I think you should change the lighting up. Your current lighting has no shadows and there is not a sense of depth in the scene, if you are a blender user I suggest HDRI lighting. Another thing you should try to work on is the limb bending, especially the guy in blue, he’s very stiff. Make sure to bend the arms, back, and legs into more realistic poses. Try adding hills/mountains in the background, because the current background is empty. Hope this help, can’t wait to see your future works!