Feedback on my first Gui!

I’m pretty new to Gui and those things… So i tried working on some Ui and this was the result:

My loading screen.

Settings credits and play buttons.

Credits Ui.
¿What do you think i should change, is it good or is it bad for a beginner?

Edit: In the credits Ui image you can’t see the other buttons because i scripted some Tweenposition things.


Considering the fact that you’re a beginner and that this is your first gui creation, I’d rate it an 8/10. Nice detail and I like the color scheme. Only thing I’d change is the corners. Make them rounder, instead of the rectangle vibe to em, yknow? Besides that, nice job! :+1:t3:


Thank you for the feedback, i’ll try changing it. :slight_smile:


Do you make the gradient effects on studio or an other platform?

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Sorry for the late response.
I make the gradients with the UIGradient in Studio.


Just add a UICorner to make the corners more round itstead of pointy.


I already use it, but thank you anyways.


it is honestly not that bad but i find the colour scheme pretty inconsistent, maybe u can try putting colours that match tgt. as ur first gui thoo, nice work!!


Thank you so much for that feedback.
I’m trying to get better at it! :grinning:

It’s a decent UI for a beginner. Some criticism I could give is that the colours don’t really go well with each other, use TextSize instead of TextScaled. There also seems to be some inconsistency with the spacing of the Ui’s.

Use spacers when creating UI like the CreditsUI. What I like to do is create frames that act as spacers and then line them up with sides of the ui to keep the spacing on both x and y axis consistent.

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Thanks for the feedback and criticism.
I’m trying to learn and get better at UI and i take these commentaries as a great help for me to learn.
And yeah sorry for the inconsistency, i just like how it looks but that’s just my on my opinion.

It looks amazing! Just a few tweaks and changes I would recommend are on the loading screen make all the text white so the text is more visible. Not saying that make it white all the time. But with the current background theme, it would look better in all white. In the credits area also some text needs to be white since it should be more visible. Try putting the close button on the right and add a title to the frame.
Try adding both, Username and display name. The display name should be bigger than the username. for example:


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This is a very good work for a beginner however like anything built in studios there are a few things you could make better. Like other said before the color scheme could be fixed and it’s also important that tou can read the text on a ui. When I use gradient I usually use white text. It’s also important that mobile devices can see it to if you plan on making your gsme avaliable on mobile devices this is a available by offeset. What also makes GUI/UI unique I’d the option to script buttons make sure that you can open up every tab and that settings,play, and credits are all text buttons for you can only open and use the Click Function and Event with a text Button. There are numerous tutorials out there about clicking and opening you can use the same script as them just change the names.

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Thank you!
I’ll search up how to do that, it doesn’t look so hard. I love getting recommendations,they help me a lot.

Edit: I highly regret what i said


Hello there!
Thank you so much for the feedback, i think i could try changing those things, because ¿Why not?
I’m gonna change the text, and yes, i’m gonna use offset.
I script all of my UI’s, so don’t worry about that.

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For a first GUI, I like it. Some colors don’t blend well together in my opinion, but the overall design is good.

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Come more consistent colors and some drop shadows would go a long way I think.

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