Feedback on My First Icon

I’ve just created my first icon! Any suggestions?

(Graphics quality is reduced due to the fact that I screenshotted this.


may i ask what program did you use to make this?


Well, I sketched it out on paper then used a series of shapes to construct and create it. (Took me around 3 days -_-)

Woah nice! Really clean and nice design!
Only thing that seems off is the top. Maybe you could try shrinking the top circles?
It just seems a bit top heavy.
Overall really nice design!

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It’s a very nice icon! I like the simplicity while also keeping some detail, personally, I’m not a huge fan of the crescent on the hilt, I’d make it more continuous. Also, don’t worry that it took you 3 days, as you practice more you will get faster.

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@VqniIlIa Ngl it does look kinda big at the top. I just tried shrinking the circles but it looked thrown off balance due to the fact that the circles weren’t the same size as the hilt.
@itsokayepic I actually tried doing just the circle at first, but it looked a bit plain and i dont think the hilt is exaggerated enough. Heres a pic: