Feedback on my first logo

Hey there! Im @Xavi_Builderalt1, I kinda new on making vector logos. But I’ve recently created game icon for my upcoming vr game!! I used pixlr and flaticon and just need 30 minutes to make this.

Opinion, feedback, or maybe constructive criticism is welcomed here due to I want to keep improving myself on making vector logos.


Looks really good! Question though, is Andrew your sort of signature just like to give credit to yourself for making it?

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Yup absolutely, I put watermark to prevent someone stealing it. My real name was Andrew so that’s why the watermark named “Andrew”

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Cool! My real name is Andrew too! I would only change where you put your watermark though. Maybe change it’s transparency or maybe put it to the side. It is a bit in the way of the actual logo. Very good logo though! :smile:

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Looks really not bad, but I think you could fit more decorations on the your logotype.

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The use colors are not bad I do see a few problems regarding the logo and your watermark to prevent users from stealing your work, keep in mind that you could duplicate your watermark and add a bit of transparency to it so users don’t have ways to remove it very easily.

The diamond doesn’t seem to match the concept your going for does it have to do anything about the game in general? I would keep creating different designs, and to try out many different ideas and styles you could experiment in creating other styles and see which one fits your game.

In the end, you could decrease the size of the diamond and make it fit in the center of the bottom ‘VR’, instead of putting it in a random area that doesn’t fit well. Otherwise, everything looks good not overdone its a simplistic attempt.