Feedback on my first Low Poly House

What do you guys think of the low poly house i made in Blender.


Looking really good for a first attempt at making a low poly house. I would have made the chimney like more brick like to go with the style of the build.


Thanks for the feedback! Good Idea, I will improve the chimney to make it look nicer.


Looks very good and clean, I would suggest adding more detail to the roof. Maybe wood planks or something?


Pretty decent, make sure to add more detail to the outside of the house, but overall looks good.


A couple suggestions for you:

  • Definitely add some variation to the roof. The way I’ve done this in the past is by making the roof out of tiles that I rotate different degrees. I’ve put an example below.

  • Change the color behind the windows. I really like the cross pattern you have, but it currently looks like all the windows are closed. By making the brick behind the crosses a different color it makes it look more like something people can look through, rather than just a frame placed on a wall.

  • Add some smoke particles coming out of the chimney. This will be quite easy to do and will look extremely cool.

Other than that, very well done!


I think your “Low Poly Medieval House” is really decent! I like the different details you added, to it as well the color scheme and details to the roof part looks amazing. However there is a couple of things i’ll add/fix on your medieval house to make it stand out. More i see you added all the details to it is nice! There could be a little more details added, to it to look more better overall i’ll use, some bricks on the chimney to look more better!!

Medieval House
For your first “Low Poly Build” i would say you have done a amazing job. But there seems to be no details added to the chimney i would recommend you! Add some bricks onto the chimney so it won’t look a little plain or you could, add some texture to it i would add some stone, material to the chimney as most medieval houses. Has those different kind of textures to it or you could. Just add some bricks to it so it can fit the, medieval style your going for! As well the roof that’s implemented to your house it could use some texture to it you could add some pattern tiles, wooden shingles, black shingles, ect. So it could look a little, more decent overall it looks nice!!

The windows that implemented to your house looks great. However you could make the inside part a black color as it seems to be, the same color wooden grate! I would recommend that and as i said above the roof could use some. Kind of texture to it as that’s what most medieval houses have try implementing, some texture to the roof so it won’t look, plain or try adding a wooden color to your roof as you can. See below the medieval style your going for it has bricks on the chimney and textures to the roof as the one! Down below doesn’t this could look. Better if you added some kind of texture to yours!!


I really like the style your going for your “Medieval House”and i think it looks really decent, try adding some bricks, texture, lights, to the building and the roof part. So your build can stand out more If you plan on adding details to your, house i would recommend you add some here is some, things i’ll add so your house so it could! Look more better and improved more. Overall you’ve done a, incredible job on your house!!


  • Hanging Lights By The Door
  • Wooden Table
  • Axe, Racks Hammers, Baskets, Azars
  • Augar, Billhook, Chairs
  • Wooden Barrel, Lights, Candles

Anyways, you have done a really decent job on. Your “First Low Poly Build” it looks really good and detailed can’t wait to, see more of your work very soon. And the final update of your medieval build you also add some! Texture to the roof as i said above. Overall great job!!