Feedback on my first LOW POLY map

Hello! This is Hermanito. How are you all? Please, I need feedback on my first LOW POLY MAP. :smiley:

I made each and every model/mesh in Blender including the terrain!


Screenshot: 1

Screenshot: 2

Screenshot: 3

I would love to get some suggestions from you guys! I call you people as “VETERANS” because y’all are experienced, map builders :wink:


Looks great! Keep up the good work!


This is a great low poly map! Nice Work!


I myself have not yet tried building in low poly, but, especially since this is your first time building a low poly map, this is quite amazing!

fire look at mine


This looks amazing for your first low-poly map, almost near nothing to what I first created for a low-poly map, though I have a suggestion or few as requested:

  • As far as everything looks good, the terrain kind of bland when it comes to the tone of colour. There’s not enough diversity when it comes to the colour of the terrain, as well as the trees, so I’d suggest adding a few different shades of green to give it uniqueness.

The same thing may be applicable to the border walls/hills around the map, though test with that and see if it fits.

  • You have nice terrain going on, but there’s barely if not any foliage in terms of grass, rocks, flowers etc. Having those little things will really pack a punch to your terrain build and make it look great.

  • Last thing I can recommend is testing out different lightings for your map, even though this one looks decent, I do feel there’s other lighting settings that can spice up your map entirely. Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to low-poly games. :wink:

Good luck with these changes, you’re doing great. :+1:

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Thank you so much buddy! I really wanted suggestions like this!!

Look’s good especially considering this as your first Low-Poly map.
Feedback (based on my opinion)

  1. Edit the terrain color to sorta fit the environment and add more details to the terrain like trees, shrubs, etc.
  2. I suggest you get into PBR Materials. (Roblox How To Use PBR Materials To Make Realistic Textures! - YouTube)
  3. Edit the lighting to give that feeling to the player.
    Overall just make some tweaks here and there and the map will look good! :grinning:
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You could make the grass a bit more yellow/orange to fit the theme more. Besides that, this is really good for your first low poly map, nice job! :+1: