Feedback On My First Low-Poly Tree!

Hello! I recently started modeling, and was hoping to get some constructive feedback on my first low-poly tree!

(I did this on a mobile device)

Low-Poly Tree

All feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!


Wow good for your first low poly tree!!!

Also what software did you use I am curious?

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Thank you! I used Prisma 3D. (I don’t know how good it is compared to other softwares)

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It looks nice for someone who did it on mobile. I recommend using Blender as well. It’s another application that professional modelers use to build. I myself have used it a few times with some good results.

This looks great for a first low poly tree, especially on mobile.

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Thank you! I have heard of blender but i don’t have access to a pc as of rn so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to use it.

Thank you for replying!

I didn’t know you could model on a mobile device. I learned something new today.

I am having some trouble finding what issues are caused by the low image resolution and what are problems with the model, but there is something I noticed.


At the top here, it looks like one of the lower cones’ tip is poking through the outside of the tree. It would make the tree look less messy to move that vertex inside the angled cone at the top, so there wouldn’t be that pointy edge sticking out. I sadly cannot give program-specific advice for how to do this as I am only fluent in Blender.

That aside, it is fine for a starter, and I congratulate you for doing that on a mobile device.

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Thank you! I see what you mean. I didn’t even notice that lol.

There are some mobile 3d modelling apps but I know for a fact they aren’t as great as blender or any pc program.

Apologies for the low quality. :’)