Feedback on my first major build

I have been using studio for quite a bit, and I have focused my skills on scripting.
Though I have not set any time aside to practice building.

I would like some feedback on this house I built, and areas I can improve on:





Your feedback is much appreciated.
And please be as brutally honest as possible.


Pretty cool build, though the roof seems pretty bland,maybe make it curve a bit? Add a chimney etc. Aside from that it’s pretty good.

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Not bad, reminds me of a French Revolutionary house/medieval house.

Keep practicing and you’ll definitely get somewhere.

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it looks pretty good from a standpoint view but I could recommend you doing a few things like maybe adding more diversity in the windows, adding more detail to the roof and those wooden beams, the door really needs to be redone, the colors are pretty good so far.

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Could you please clarify what is wrong with the wooden beams?
Thanks for the feedback

Good for a first build, but I think you’re just missing some crucial architectural features:

I think the biggest problem is the empty space, namely on the second floor and the “third floor” under the roof. Sections of the walls are completely devoid of any detail and looks out of place with the first floor which is evenly filled with windows and frames. The roof section could use something like a centerpiece window to fill the empty space as well.

The other point I want to touch on is the asymmetricity of the build. I think it shows itself most on the second side picture, in this case there’s only one wood frame on one side as well as just one window while the entire other half is just empty or missing what’s on the other side. This could work for some sorts of medieval buildings but with a manor like this things would have been made to be as organized as possible, looking at pictures could help.

The last and smaller point is differentiation, instead of just copy and pasting the same windows add other features like building outcroppings or even different sized windows and wall designs.

I do think the windows themselves are really cool as well as the lighting and textures, the first side picture specifically is really nice (does a good job of showing a lot of detail and architectural design)

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the wooden beams running across the side of the building, you could add some detail in those like an indent or some texture, also I forgot to say but you should add vines and stuff like that to the side of the wall

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Thank you for your in depth review, it is much apricated :grinning:.

This is a nice build - only complaint is that in some places it’s kind of bland, for example - on the roof you could add a chimney just to make that a little bit less bland!

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