Feedback on my first Medieval House!

Hey guys! This is my first house build. I just took a reference from google and I’m looking for feedback.

All feedback would be appreciated! :smile:


It looks pretty good, you should try adding windows and maybe some decorations outside of the house. Also you can try to differentiate the colors a bit. Overall good job and keep improving!

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Looks great, however it feels like it is not bright. Which means you can add lights or windows that add color and design to the building. but otherwise it looks very realistic and complex for a first build.

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The colors on the building look a bit off, while it features the structure of a medieval build it’s quite unfinished that not many details have been put into it. Perhaps add house details, windows, door, shingles - tile roof featuring other objects:

The building looks a little bland since it doesn’t feature those important details and use of lighting regarding the reference image you use as inspiration, try adding the final details, that seems to be missing on the build. I see the build kind of features a dull appearance you should spice up the lighting and see which atmosphere suits your liking.

Since this is your first medieval theme build place few props surrounding the area tools, wagons, logs against the build you could even have roofs that curve at different angles and different styles.

Doesn’t look all that bad, however, It could have more detail for instance decorations in some places if you’re making it so you could enter or see inside make sure to add windows and what not. The colours you’ve used don’t really fit together unless there’s a specific design you’re going for which is fine then I guess. You can use references to see the colours you could use.

Not to mention, when building you hopefully used the character scale to match the sizes because that’ll help you understand proportions easier. Other than that you could add steps going up to the door and add some plants on the windows? Keep up the good work though.