Feedback on my first model

This is my first model using roblox studio so please be honest with the replay


Sorry , but what gun is it modeled after?

it took me like 2 hours to complete and to get the idea of it i will improve it in the near future

idk its just a gun came out of my head

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That looks good for a first model but I’d suggest changing the material to something like Smooth Plastic.

thank you for the replay i will try that

it’s nice! i don’t know much about guns, but what i do know is when i started building my models didn’t look as good as that haha. are you planning on making a script for it?

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yeah and make it chargeable so the charge make it shoot 40 bullets in 1.5 second this is my first plans maybe i will improve it in the near future and i have a new model for the gun


oh neat! i like the neon too but i would advise just to not put too much

after 15 minutes this is what i got its way better i guess

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For your first model, this is amazing, I feel if you continued to practice and started using plugins and other apps such as blender you would be an amazing modeler. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your feedback i installed blender but i didnt used it i will try to see what i can do with it

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Looking great! Just recommending you to remove some neon For your first model it is looking fantastic! :clap: :clap:

Other than that, it is wonderful!!

My rating is…

9.3. Great model for your first one! Just the neon.