Feedback On My First Music File

I Just Started Using SoundTrap To Make Some Of My Music, And I Want Some Feedback On It. Like Adjustments, Tune-Changes, And Things Like That. Here Is My Frist Music File As A .wav

I Was Trying To Make A Calm Approach to It, But I Don’t Know If It’s Great.
Any Suggestions Will Be Really Helpful. Thank You!


All of it depends on what genre you’re trying to achieve. The chords that I could hear was too dull and could use some melody on the 4th or 5th octave. Counter-melody should work as well.

The chord progression is quite basic, you could alternate the chords by inverses or even add an extra note on 7, 9 or 11 after the root. Or even cut the chord in half-times and then shift them if needed for swings.


I guess I was trying to make music for horror or medieval game.
Thanks For The Feedback tho!

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For horror music, your goal is to attempt to intentionally play any note off the scale or detune anything as much as desired. That would help.

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