Feedback on my first PC

Got bored and created this. Tell me what i can improve its my first pc in studio.
Critism accepted but dont be rude please.


Looks Awesome!, But the keyboard may not fit the whole “theme”, try making it a backlit blue.


It looks great so far.

You could go further by making buttons/indents (for detail) on the computer monitor. Such as the buttons to turn it off and on.

As @alexfancoolYT said, the keyboard feels off. Maybe making it have a neon blue underglow (part under the keys but not the whole black keyboard, sort of like the black part would be a frame for the neon blue).

Also maybe add a light inside the glass area of your computer tower? Making the white frame thingy on the computer tower neon blue might look futuristic/modern too.


This ^^^ explains it a lot more.


Wow, this is cool! Very nice work! :slight_smile:

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bro, how did you know what my PC was gonna look like?

overall it’s pretty good

the Desktop looks too short and stretched out

the Keyboard seems too far away from the Screen

ya and thats it.

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Maybe have some glowing things inside the actual pc.

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Nice pc my dude. This looks really nice and realistic and Roblox CSG sort of way. Overall really good job. I do think the keyboard could use black keys with white letters and blue neon under them so it matches the rest of the setup. and for a PC like this, why not add another monitor. Nicely done.

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