Feedback on My First Pixel Art

Hello! I made my first pixel art today and am in need of some constructive feedback.

I have a few questions I’m looking for answers for:

  • Is my pixel art good enough for commissions in the near future? (of course after getting more practice)
  • Is it something you would buy from me? (Ex. for anything pertaining to game development: badges, thumbnails, ads, etc.)
  • Is there anything I can improve upon in the future?

Thanks in advance!


Very nice background! The little particles/designs are a great touch! A 8/10 for me. I suggest making the text more noticeable, people are attracted to pixel art like these! Keep up the good work :)). Have a good day/night

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Thank you so much!

What text are you referring to? My watermark?

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Yes, the watermark. The Scenic Rose, but still a great art creation!

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Okay, I see! Thank you again!

Have a wonderful day/night!

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Have a wonderful day/night aswell!


That’s great! 10/10! As a fellow pixel art creator myself, I would like to see more robots games using pixel art!


Thank you!

And wow! Haven’t seen many other pixel artists out there!

My first impression was “Woah, is that even pixels? It doesn’t look like pixels”. Good job 10/10.

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Thanks so much!

I used a higher canvas size so it was super pixelated, but if you zoom in you can see the individual squares.

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Maybe we should have a pixel art showcase. (Like the gui showcase, game show case, ugc show case, etc…)

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Yesss lol that would be awesome!

We need more 2D art showcases.

For a second I didn’t even know it was pixel art. Maybe it should be more pixelated.

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Ok! I see what you mean. I’ll keep that in mind when working on future pieces!

Thanks for replying!