Feedback On My First Roblox Game Song

Hello, I am a Intermediate Scripter and Beginner Builder. I am trying to compose songs for my games, and I made this

I know it needs improving, but I don’t know where! Please tell me in the comments on what I should improve on

  • I think it’s good and doesn’t need any improvement
  • I think it needs a little improvement, but overall it’s good
  • I think it needs a lot of improvement
  • I think it’s unfixable

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The drum pattern needs to be less dense. It’s syncopated, out of the main rhythm. Try to match it to the other instruments. The bass definitely needs to be cut a little, to allow melody to be heard.

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I like it! Like, it’s really nice.

The drum just doesn’t sound right in the song. Other wise 8/10

The drums feel weird and there is too much bass. Pretty good though!

What did you use to make this? I’m kind of interested in composing ROBLOX music.

I used an online tool named BeepBox, its free and no downloads needed

Can I get a link to it? I wanna try it out.

@ileccs sure

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I’m really sorry. The rithm is a little bad but overall good. And i said I’m really sorry cause i voted I think it’s unfixable. So ima just let ya now but me on a little improvement

This song is a bop! I think this is my most favorite song now! I think you did great on this!

I forgot about this post! I fixed it, and tell me if its better or worse. I also changed a few instruments so yeah.

Did I fix the song?
  • Yes, you did!
  • Almost, it still needs improvement though.
  • It still needs lots more improvement.
  • As I said, it’s unfixable.

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It has improved; the rhythm is more clearer than before and the changed instruments adjusted the color a little. Approved. :+1:

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Yep sounds a lot better good move mate

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