Feedback on my First Roblox Game!

Hey there :wave:! I just finished my first fully complete Roblox game and I was wondering what you thought of it!
Do you think it is cool? Do you think it is boring? please tell me!

Also, It needs 2 players to start a round.

I will probably be in the game when this is posted! :grinning:
Game Link:


I played a bit with you, it’s very fun! Some criticisms I have are maybe increasing time between rounds and having a way to queue out of the game so you can go afk or chat with people. But still enjoyed it!


Very fun, however, I found a slight glitch. The tiles depend on you running - when I jumped onto a tile, it did not disappear, as I was not actively moving across it. May want to look into that :wink: Great job though, awesome for a first game!


I think i have found one of my new favourite games!

Good stuff my dude :+1:

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Can someone join so I can play, since it’s a two player game?

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For your first game it’s spectacular, it reminds me vaguely of a minigame from mario party DS.

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Yes, Im in game if you want to join : ).

Overall it’s a fun game! For your first ever game this was awesome! However, there were a few bugs and spaces in the maps such as when you jump on a block but don’t move the block doesn’t disappear.

I found 2 flaws with the game.

  1. Players can hop onto the side rails and stay there for the remainder of the round. (The side closest to the sign that says Round in progress, please wait).

  2. When jumping on 2 tiles at the same time, they don’t disappear.

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This game looks cool, and the scripting seems pretty good, but I know a few things you could improve or add into the game

  • you could add a button that disables you going into the next round
  • when you are playing a round, you can stand on the fence/border surrounding the spleef area, meaning you can win every round by going AFK
  • you could make the name of the game less exaggerated. For example, you could remove the word fun out of super fun color block, to make it super color block. I think doing that will make the name of the game a lot better.
  • you could change the texture of the spleef tiles, I think that the pebble texture doesn’t match the spleef tiles and I think that the regular plastic texture will look a lot better
  • the game gets kind of repetitive overtime, I think that you could add more gamemodes and different types of spleef patterns
  • you could add a coins system, you could use coins to buy cosmetic items or different gears, you could also use coins as a way to earn robux, as you could add a shop where you could buy coins for a certain amount of robux

this is just a few things you could improve your game with, I don’t think you have to add everything I listed though, maybe just a few features that you think could help the game. I think if you keep adding features and developing this game, overtime, it could become a pretty good and popular game

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I suggest renaming the game to “Color Block!” instead of “Super Fun Color Block!”

This name already exists.

Here’s a screenshot of the second flaw.

Other than that, it’s a neat game and I congratulate you on completing it! The design on each tile board is pretty cool. To expand the game further I think adding player data would be nice so that people can keep track of their wins. Maybe they can unlock trails with that too.