Feedback on my first Roblox suit?

Hey developers!

I’d like some constructive criticism on my first Roblox suit, hope you like it!

The suit: "The American Politician" Top - Roblox


Looks very good however the tie area seems a little blurred. Great for first suit

Thanks for the feedback! (devforum character limit go brrrr)

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Well done this is a nice suit! I recommend making more and improving, and soon your creations will be crazy!

Very nice suit ! :wink:
Just one thing, maybe you can improve the details ! :smiley:

Thanks! And yeah I’m planning on making more and hopefully being able to improve as time goes on.

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Yeah, I’m fairly new so I’m not the best with details. But I do think that with enough practice, I’ll soon be pretty good with the details on my clothing.

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Also, I noticed that you bought my suit. So thanks for that aswell!

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This looks really great, I like how there is now texture to it.

‘It will go fine with my collection’

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Really good, the only thing I would suggest doing is to try and improve your image quality a little bit. Otherwise, good stuff.

Yeah, I just need to figure out a good way to resize the images that I drew like the tie or the collar without it getting blurry. I do know a website called simple image resizer but I don’t exactly get how to work it so if anyone does know, telling me how to use it would be appreciated.

It’s nice, The quality though. This clothing would fit perfectly in RP games. Keep it up!
My Grammar sucks

Yeah, I’ll try finding a way to get rid of the bad quality. Thanks for the feedback!

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