Feedback on my first ROBLOX thumbnail

Hello, developers!

I am a graphic designer, and I recently did a commission. The commission was to make a thumbnail for a café called “Hazel café” and I would like feedback on what to do better, tips on how to get better, etc.

Hazel café thumbnail

I have also been experimenting with HDRI lighting and I would like to know which hdri lighting I should use and advice on hdri lighting, thanks!


It looks really nice, I cant do anything like that
The people’s legs are a little weird, where they are placed
Maybe try making the legs connect with the torso more

Nice thumbnail overall


Like Drip said the legs are barely connected to their bodies and they’re being impaled by the chairs. Everything else looks really nice.



Is that grain on the image? ())()()()()


Hello! Thanks for the feedback, what is “moldy”?

I put a watermark over the image to avoid people stealing it!


When adding a watermark it is important not to make the gfx look bad, in this case it looks like you rendered at a 30.


Okay! I will be more aware when adding watermarks now to make sure the quality stays the same!

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Be sure to denoise the render. That’s what the grain, or little pixel deformities, are.

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He said that was apart of his watermark.

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if your picture already has the name of your group (assuming it wasnt a commission and wasnt paid for yet) you don’t really need a watermark… Its not likely somebody will create a game/ group with the same name and try to use your icon… adding your personal logo, a signature or something, in the corner will work fine.

Also, If it is a game icon, it needs to be a square, 1:1 ratio.

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Yeah, I would remove the grainy effect you added, at first I thought you made the quality like that at a first glance. Overall though, it looks stunning and awesome!

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Is that me on the left?:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Hmm… Totally not.


If thumbnail uses other player than dev of game, you need to ask for permission.

It does look really nice, the only bad thing is isnt rendered very good. Maybe try to improve on that.

it doesnt have post processing effects. add em

Thanks! And the commission is for a game thumbnail.

Yes, for this thumbnail I asked @D3ADC4T_S for permission to use her avatar and for the rest I made myself.

Thanks! I was having trouble rendering it.

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NEVER and I mean NEVER put render quality down, it seems you wanted a quick render, that is the worst possible thing to do.