Feedback On My First Showcase


This is my first ever showcase, which I made out of curiosity and would like to receive your feedback about it, like what should I change or what should I improve to make my future showcases better.

Showcase’s theme is a long lost abandoned place somewhere in a desert, everything is covered in rust, nothing is functional except for some lights and one door.

Game link: Deserted Area

I started building about a year ago, eventually starting making maps and taking commissions 8 months ago.
You can check my past work by looking at my devforum portfolio: Portfolio


I like what I’m seeing. Definitely looks abandoned, almost post-apocalyptic.
One criticism I have, though, is that that overpass looks a bit plain. Maybe putting in some broken-down cars or something along it would fix that.
And thanks for reminding me that I need to stop being lazy and actually build something showcase-worthy, lol.

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This is amazing. I love your use of terrain, solid modeling skills, and lighting effects. I’ll add more in-depth constructive criticism later, but for now, great job.


Thanks, I was also thinking that its empty in some places, didn’t really know what to put there tho.
I was lazy too when making this showcase :man_shrugging:


Appreciate it, I’m currently focusing on improving my terrain and environmental work, and will make a new, this time Nature Showcase pretty soon.
P.S: All models were made using Roblox Studio’s tools, I’m learning blender tho in my free time, it has much more tools and overall makes model creating process faster then if making the exact same model in Roblox Studio


This is just plain out INSANE.

Seriously, im not a builder, but HOLYYY. This is outstanding! Seems almost like a Star War’s desert map to me, idk why.


If this is your first showcase, then it’s way detailed and absolutely stunning! I like the realistic models in the showcase you added.

One thing, I would say that the lighting is a bit blurry… so probably change the correlation if possible.

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Thank you, I been making star wars maps before, so probably I gave it some sort of that vibe :smile:

It is my first showcase, but not my first map as you see, just decided to try something different :slight_smile:
The lighting may seem kinda blurry, been playing around with depth of field there :man_shrugging:
Thanks for the feedback :wink:

Are you sure that’s your first Showcase because that looks like you have been doing this for years. It looks really nice.

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I am sure that this is my first Showcase, but not my first build, I started building at the end of 2019.
Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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