Feedback on my first UGC concept

Hi! I recently started using blender around a week or so ago, and I just finished my first ever UGC concept! I’d like your feedback on it since I don’t really have anyone to teach me other than youtube videos.


I know a lot of people probably don’t jump right into hair design, but it seemed like something I’d like. Any feedback is appreciated, and I look forward to making more concepts in the future!


Se ve interesante, los colores del cabello son muy llamativos, pero te recomiendo que aumentes más cabello a tu creación.

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It looks interesting, the hair colors are very eye-catching, but I recommend that you add more hair to your creation

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Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. Ty!

I love it! Looks absolutely adorable and I would definitely buy it if it was on sale. You should definitely make more concepts or versions of this hair. :sun_with_face:

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I think it looks pretty good, and there aren’t many hair styles like these on roblox. Keep it up!

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Ty!! I’ll definetly make recolours and things like that, but for now I’ll just show this version. And yeah definetly thinking of making more hair concepts with this kind of style :slight_smile:

Updated: Added the recolors in a separate drop-down section.