Feedback on my First UI Design

Hello! Recently, I’ve been really getting into UI Design or User Interface. This is just to help grow my UI career. Since I was interested, I tried to create a UI for myself just for practice and feedback reasons. What I wanna ask you is give feedback on my first UI Design, so I can improve before I open up commissions to start UI Designing.
UI Design:

Thanks for reading! Any tips or feedback to help me improve are much appreciated! Have a good day/night! :heart:



Store : Has a lot of spaces between each beveled/rounded boxes
Inventory : Right side has more space than the Left side, Inventory title too high up
Settings & Codes : Title should be a bit down

Although, they are minor stuff, they still can be a big impact on UI/UX experience.

You only have the layout done but you should start adding more and more into the UI to make it a finished product and hopefully we can critique it more.


Thanks for your feedback! Will try to use your advice in the future!

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Simplistic yet very effective! I really like it. If you want to improve, try experimenting with different shapes, shades, fonts ect. Also, maybe a darker outline around the shapes might make a big difference.
Other than that, it looks really nice. Good Job!


The design itself isn’t terrible, but it needs some work, mainly the spacing between the different items.
There’s this fantastic book called “Grid Systems / Raster Systeme” by Josef Muller Brockmann, which helps you on how to distribute text/items in the space. It’s mainly focused on books and typography, but it can be applied to anything that relies on a grid.

Long story short, try to keep the spacing between the items consistent, basically do the maths on a piece of paper before doing the UI in Roblox.
The colors & typo works great, no issue on that.

Keep it up!


Thanks so much! Feedback much appreciated!!


Feels sad without coloring, strokes and overlays.

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There’s quite a bit to improve.

  • Change the fonts. The fonts look too basic and unappealing.
  • The store is very messy. Slots are unevenly positioned and sized. Make everything organized so players can see the shop items easily.
  • The circles in the quest UI are seemingly uneven like the shop. It looks bad when small.
  • A lot of the menus should be bigger. No way are you going to have an inventory UI that small, same for quests, settings, and maybe profile.
  • Expand the settings to have more buttons. Just two buttons look off.

The purpose was supposed to be all white to kinda give it a simplistic look, to answer your comment.

Thanks for your feedback, will try to do those things suggested in the future!!