Feedback on my first UI

Hi! I just recently made my first UI design using free icons and Figma

Feedback would be appreciated.


I love it! I would put this topic in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support as that is the correct category for this post. (Thanks to @TOP_Crundee123 for pointing out that this is the correct category.)

In terms of feedback, I would say a few things:

  • Center the text. The “Med Kit” text, for example, is slightly off.
  • Make the X button a full circle, it seems partially cut off.
  • Round out the entire thing: including each object slot and the background frame… It’ll give it a neater look.
  • The upper-case should be used for “GAMEPASSES,” but it’s kind of odd to use it underneath the passes themselves. So make ‘POTION’ be ‘Potion,’ etc. In my opinion that will look neater.

EDIT: And finally, I would remove the box behind “GAMEPASSES.”


It’s quite the start! In the future, I’d recommend utilizing gradients and colors. The font could also be changed. I have made a useful tutorial about this which should definitely give you quite the headstart from working with Figma.

(This isn’t meant to be an advertisement, I’m simply just trying to help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Darked backgrounds require lighter text on top of it thats all.


I like the simplicity of it. Though there’s a white pixel over at the VIP icon and its kind of triggering me lol. Also, the main GUI itself could definitely use some changes. Perhaps a darker shade, or something more filling. The GAMEPASSES text could definitely use some changes as well, perhaps removing it and using it only on the outer GUI. Other than that, it looks decent I like the sprites and the coloration.


Looks professional! Somethings are not centered which is painful to look at from a designer side. Other then that, looks good

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Try using round corners, and for the black text it doesn’t correlate well with a dark background. change the font to something more fitting, make it white, and i think you need to practice more but this isn’t terrible for your first time.

if you keep working, you will be great at ui

Looks not bad with the few errors it has, I would try going for a different color scheme, but since it’s your first consider aligning the text and fix your proportion. Maybe you could experiment with design, adding a square design for the (X) button could improve it; you could even move it to the design to look more fitting.

I’ll attach a reference image below to give you a few ideas that you could use for your UI design. Overall, I’d fix a few of the small issues and experimenting with a different choice of color scheme/ design buttons ect. It quite depends on the style your going for otherwise it’s a start there will be further improvements that could be made later down the line!

Design Ideas


Dunno about the rounded edges that have been suggested, gives it an amateuristic/generic look imo, but depends on what audience you’re trying to reach I guess.