Feedback On My First Video Trailer For My Game | C0BR0T

Hi, my name is C0BR0T, I am a game designer from Voice Kuy, The Unseen, and Jungsya’s Birthday and currently I am focusing on developing The Unseen game as a horror genre game. My job in game development is to make the game look unique even though the game has the same genre. I am also the Founder and CEO of Nusantara Production as a community engaged in the production of games and Avatar Outfit at ROBLOX.

by the way, this is my first time using Help and Feedback - Creation Feedback category. So, if there is something that shouldn’t be in the right place, please let me know in the comments section below. I would be very happy if someone told me.

The video below is the first trailer of the game The Unseen as a game with a horror genre, I’m not sure if this trailer is good for you as an audience, So I want to ask for your suggestions and opinions regarding “What should I add or subtract in the next video trailer?”. You need to know that I will make one more video as a trailer before the game The Unseen is finally released to the public on the ROBLOX platform.

I will really appreciate your suggestions and opinions and I’m very happy if you correct this trailer video.

Thank you for watching! I hope you can provide positive feedback on my videos so that I can be better in the future.

I’m C0BR0T, thank you!


Very Interesting! Can’t wait until The Unseen Release! I like the triler, 100 point for you! Yaaayy!!!


Thank You Very Much! I Appreciate It! :grin:

It’s nice but i didn’t understand the goal of the game?

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Thanks for the feedback! Here, I do not show the purpose of the game because this is a trailer for the lobby. Meanwhile, in the next trailer, I will make a trailer related to the gameplay. That’s why I’m asking for feedback for my next video trailer.

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