Feedback on my football world gfx

Hey guys, I recently made a gfx for a football game I’m quite amature at gfx but I’d like to know your opinion.


It looks very detailed, I love it. Maybe just work a bit more on the lighting of the characters with shadows and stuff. Good job!

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yea thats the only part im still learning, ty

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- I love colors of this GFX.
but, I think you need to edit lighting of boy rig “COYOTES 8” . Good Job .

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It looks very well! The GFX perfectly fits the vibe.

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Its got alot going on and that can be distracting, also a bit more of a dynamic pose would really sell it, try removing the camera stuff and just sticking to the graffiti stuff

Tips from a fellow GFX artist:
The black background and the jersey main color blend too well. Fix that, the lighting, and the poses and it’ll look a lot better.

I can’t really “fix” the poses it’s supposed to be based off a quarterback calling an audible and pointing at a wide receiver pre snap, the Runningback is supposed to be in formation hence why he’s bending down

I like the GFX, but the only problem I have is that the logo blends in with the other decorations, which is not good. I would either make the logo bigger or add a special font to it! But it’s a great GFX!