Feedback on My Forest Build

So I’ve been working on a game as a builder and just wanted to know y’alls opinions about the forest I built

Here it is:



Probably one of the best builds (well I just took a break from roblox lol) I have seen in a while. The vibe and the model blends so much. The only tip I could think of is in other builds like this use it kind of as a template (not physically but with the techniques) Its looks rlly good! With whatever the game is kind of blend the theme with buildstyle you use


I really like it, it honestly feels a bit nostalgic with the old school studio style.
I also really like the wind in the air, it adds some pretty cool atmosphere to the game.
Question tho, what game will be made with this?


Was confused at first that there were winds blowing in different directions, but it turns out to be the river.

It feels really peaceful in your build, like an actual forest. I love the detail on how the trees sway to the direction of the wind!


The game is called ‘‘A Warrior’s Path’’. It’ll be an open world RPG based on multiple animes

also thanks for your feedback!


I like the style you’re going with, but every terrain part is at a 90 degree angle and I feel that this style looks best with different rotations of the terrain, even a 5-20 rotation works
You should add some variation in the rock colours as they’re all just a light grey. I have a plugin that you can do this easily with. (dont make the variation too extreme or it’ll look odd)
And another plugin for you to easily select every rock to add colour variation to

And like MsDeborah said, if you’re going to have windlines along with water lines, make the waterlines not glow or the other way around. The waterfalls lines are fine but could be a tad less glowy

As for particles, I think I saw fireflies in the video but I couldnt really tell if they were fireflies. Either way you should definitely add firefly particles.

Some falling leaf particles would also look nice, for this style, I think a leaf texture like this would fit


It looks good! I would suggest adding more trees to make the map more “filled” like a real forest. Nice job on this!


I like the style of blocky and mesh trees n’ leaves. Looks quite nice…
But I think a little bit of blur and colorcorrection could make it look more immersive.
Or y’know add some fog since this looks at night.