Feedback on my fourth GFX in Blender!

Hello! I just made this GFX, I just wanted to do something random and I ended up with this!

Any feedback/ suggestions are appreciated!

Thank You!


The legs are floaty, don’t tell me it’s done on purpose, just try again. It’s great otherwise.

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Ohh ok! I will try to do the legs again

Thank you :smiley:

Pretty good but heres some posing advice coming from an animator: Arms go in the same direction as the leg on the opposite side of the arm, you don’t need to copy this pose just using it as an example

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The legs are “Floaty” because there are no shadows at all being cast from the characters onto the (back)ground. The lighting in general is also very much off, with the characters consisting of brightly lit glossy surfaces, while the ground is just default roblox none-reflective lighting.

Just take the entire scene from roblox and render it with the characters, instead of cutting it in afterwards, easier and better. Speaking of the scene it is very lazily composed. I would suggest including more background probs in your GFX to give the user the impression that this is an actual robloxian sports event. A random running track in the middle of a flat grass field just isn’t enough. Audience, a tribune or other stuff that you see fitting for creating the atmosphere you want to user to feel, would be great.


Thank you so much, I really do suck at posing haha

Yeah the lighting is a bit off, I agree but I did think of adding an audience and more people but my computer had already started lagging a lot so I thought not to do it

Anyways thank you so much! :smiley:

Try adding motion blurs and use an actual 3D background instead of just cropping a sky image in the back. Also, add shadows underneath each rig’s feet so it doesn’t look like they are levitating in the air.

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Ohh ok! I will definitely do that in my next ones! Thank you so much :smiley:

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