Feedback on my friends game

My friend recently made a game and he wanted me to ask for feedback. Honestly it’s not a lot, you will get bored in 5 mins …

It’s more of a ‘fun’ idea he had so give it a try :smile:


I think the build is really simplistic and could use a lot more detailing. I also don’t really understand the point of the game. Is it just a showcase of the home?

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The games overall fine but It’s kinda simple and boring I would add more detail like camera shake and better ambience. Also whats up with this? lol

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it’s more of an inside joke but yeah, it’s a small showcase in the beginning with some small builds he has made

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just an average game… More of a showcase and it does not have an objective. Also, Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #20 by Roblox

This is more of a showcase and the game looks like it uses mostly free models. It’s pretty simple as others have said, there’s not much I can review.