Feedback on my friends GFX

My friend Taxcqos has been making GFX and he has started selling them. Although a lot of time he doesn’t really know how to price his work. He normally charges around 500-750 robux per GFX. Here are some examples of his work! !

Contact him: Taxcqos :rose:#9812


That’s really good! I have no money, however I am just here to recommendate him to make a paypal account and earn actual money for his work, good luck!

You aren’t supposed to post for Non-Forum members, if they are a member they should be posting for themselves. When they become a member, if they aren’t one already tell them to post this inside #help-and-feedback:cool-creations since they want general feedback. You also can’t ask for pricing on the developer forum anymore.

If they want to make a portfolio, then become a member and post inside of #collaboration:portfolios.

Onto the GFX, they are really good, I do think with more practice they will be even better. :+1:

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These are great. I think the pricing is quite reasonable.

Some of them look a bit plain, and for some of them, the watermark is HUGE.

Sorry! I’ll edit it to remove that part


Beautifully done, I really liked