Feedback on my Fun Obby

Hello there developers,

I released yesterday my obby. I feedback and suggestions. Please join my game and check it out. I hope you like it and can give me feecback.

For the people give me Feedback on my Game, thank you a really much.

Play it here:

Thank you already if you help me with suggestions and feedback.



To be honest with you, this seems like a clone of the “100 stages parkour game or whatever” but the lighting is pretty fair good and the gui(s) are good standard looking. I don’t like the straight-zigzag format of your obby because i’ve seen it a lot of times and it’s been a overused format. I would probably give this 6/10.

This obby isn’t really interesting. It looks like every other obby on ROBLOX. But, there are some advantages to this one. The one I can think off the top of my head is that in your obby, there’s no micro-transactions on every checkpoint. And that’s a good thing! But here are some problems I have with the obby. The obby seems… empty. Like it’s lacking something. But most of the obbies in this game were mostly the same. Just jumping on top of blocks and trying not to fall. Another thing I noticed is that if you die, it takes a long time to respawn. I would try to implement some type of teleportation, it would save time and make people more likely to play the game longer. But all and all, this game still has potential, and I recommend you fix these issues.

This game is really generic and repetitive. You should have different kinds of obstacles, like killbricks, spinners, etc.