Feedback on my game :D

Hello! I am a new developer and recently created my own story type game! It is inspired by the Timmeh videos the youtuber KreekCraft has been doing on his second channel

I hope you enjoy playing it and any feedback would be very helpful : D


I played the first story with Timmeh and I think that it is a really good start. Firstly, I think adding animations to Timmeh while he’s on his computer and about to whack Kreek. Secondly, the story is pretty short, adding some more obby’s or a different game mode to maybe access another part of the map would be pretty cool. Overall I think its a great start but things could be improved, good job!


Thanks so much! Im not to great at animating but I can check look into it.

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1st point, I like the lobby system. Simple and efficient.
2nd point, I do like the camera points, did you use tween service for that?
3rd point, The text is a bit slow, you should make it transition faster, along with the camera points.
4th point, Having teams for the players is a bit impractical, but i see why you did it.

And to add to @Abelxny’s point:

I do agree with this, the character Timmeh is standing still.

But for a start, it’s pretty good!


Thanks! The camera points I used a plugin for so Im not really sure.

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I played it.

I’m a fast pace kind of person, so when I saw how slow it was…I left.
The background music was not it for me. I just didn’t know the theme.
I got bored when it was loading into Timmeh’s house.

This is my personal feedback on my experience.

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Ah ok. I might try and make the rest of the episodes a bit more faster so there is more gameplay rather then sit and watch. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty good but can you not make the sewer water instant kill you? It didn’t even look like I touched it and I just died

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Yes I will do this. I agree I have sometimes died on this when I think I haven’t touched it.

I have now changed it so if you touch the sewer water you take 20 damage rather then instant kill. Thanks for your feedback!

Two Screenshots.

All I have to say.
Why can the drawers open whats with that/

Hi! I played your game and something I noticed was that the text was going really slow, you should speed it up a bit. The obby is also really easy and you could probably add harder jumps and things like that. I also think that you should hide the HD Admin. When Kreekcraft dies don’t make all his limbs seperate, it doesn’t look like he got hit. You could extend the obby a little too. But good job anyway!

Thanks for your feedback! I think I’m going to speed up the text and I will look into the other things you have said.